Ming Yang turbine collapse kills one, injures three

CHINA: A Ming Yang 1.5MW wind turbine collapsed in the course of commissioning, killing one and injuring three, on September 5 in north-west China's Xinjiang province.

The Ming Yang's foundation bolts were not properly secured

The 66/1500 turbine toppled down in a Huaneng wind farm in Tuokexun county, eastern Xinjiang.

Ming Yang said that according to preliminary analysis, the tower fell because the foundation bolts were not properly fastened in the course of turbine installation. This was exacerbated by the Class I winds at the location.

The company said management staff and technicians are studying anti-accident measures to avoid similar accidents in the future.

The Huaneng Tuokexun wind farm completed turbine installation in April this year. In addition, Ming Yang signed an agreement with a Xinjiang local wind power developer in 2010, to construct a 50MW wind farm in Dabancheng, using 3MW super-compact drive (SCD) turbines.

So far, all the 3MW turbines have been installed and expected to be connected to the grid at the end of the year.