NRG announces PTC-related job cuts

UNITED STATES: Wind measurement specialist NRG Systems yesterday announced the first job cuts in its 30-year history, blaming the federal government's failure to extend the production tax credit (PTC) subsidy.

The firm said it was letting go 18 employees and released a statement blaming their redundancy on "external forces, including an uneven playing field for US energy subsidies, the looming expiration of the PTC for wind, and abnormally low natural-gas prices".

NRG Systems president and chief executive Jan Blittersdorf said: "It is with great sadness that I said goodbye to 18 skilled and dedicated employees today. As the owner and CEO of NRG Systems, this is the last thing I had ever hoped to do. It was a deeply unfortunate, though necessary act to preserve our future in the face of a deeply unstable wind-energy industry."

NRG's announcement follows multiple warnings by the US wind industry that the current 78,000 wind-related US jobs could almost halve next year without a PTC extension.