Enercon to build biggest E-126 wind farm to date

NETHERLANDS: Enercon is set to begin construction on the biggest concentration to date of its 7.5MW turbine the E-126.

An E-126 under construction in the Netherlands (pic. Eize de Vries)

Late this year or early 2013, Enercon will lay the first foundations for 38 E-126 turbines, part of a major Dutch 86-turbine wind farm called Windpark Noordoostpolder.

The E-126 is still the largest wind turbine in the world although although only a relatively small number have been installed. At t the end of March 2012, only 32 E-126 turbines have been installed.

In 2010, the company upscaled the turbine from 6MW. It is based on the 4.5MW E-112 with a 114-metre rotor diameter.

The location is along the western dikes of the reclaimed land north of Urk, as well as in the adjoining shallow IJsselmeer water.

Wind farm commissioning is expected by 2015. With around 9.1 m/s average wind speed at the E-126’s 135-metre hub height each turbine will yield around 22 million kWh annually.

The first Dutch E-126 is currently under construction at Medemblik, an historic city at the other side of the IJsselmeer.

In construction

Last Friday a giant crane was ready for hoisting the rotor hub and huge segmented blades.

Siemens will supply the remaining 48 turbines on the project. These will be either 3MW or 3.6MW size units.