UK government funds 7MW gearbox programme

UK: David Brown Gear Systems has been handed a £1.2 million grant from the UK government to design a 7MW gearbox for Samsung's next generation offshore turbine.

The money has been awarded under the Department of Energy  and Climate Change (DECC) and the Technology Strategy Board's Offshore Wind Component Technologies Innovation scheme, which is worth £5 million.

Coincidentally, David Brown was working on Clipper Windpower's doomed 10MW Britannia turbine, which was also funded by the government. The project was cancelled last year.

David Brown is owned by private equity firm Clyde Bowers, which is acquiring Finnish gearbox specialist Moventas.

Last month, Samsung confirmed it would use Scotland as its base to test its 7MW offshore wind turbine.

Samsung will test its 7MW turbine at the Fife Energy Park in Methil, joining firms such as the Netherlands’ 2-B Energy in using the dockside development as an offshore turbine testing facility.