Obama focuses on renewables ahead of election

UNITED STATES: Clean energy--includng wind power -- has become a key issue in President Barack Obama's campaign for re-election.

A grab from the Obama campaign's website on 'energy facts'

The first TV advertisement in Obama’s campaign, airing in the US this week, includes shots of wind turbines and of solar panels.

A section of the campaign website has also been set up featuring the line: "Don't believe the smears. Get the facts on the President's record."

The voice-over says: "America’s clean energy industry — 2.7 million jobs and expanding rapidly".
A Democrat, Obama is seeking re-election to the White House in November. The rival Republicans have not yet selected a candidate.

The TV ad shows just how much Obama’s energy policy — of boosting renewables and reducing dependence on imported oil — will be a selling point in the race.

Obama’s ad also tries to deflect criticism of the $535-million federal loan guarantee awarded to solar company Solyndra, which later went bankrupt. ‘Solyndra-gate’ has fuelled criticism of Obama and even of other financial support for renewable energy.

The ad blames "secretive oil billionaires" — a reference to the billionaire Koch brothers — for anti-Obama criticisms involving Solyndra that it said are "not tethered to the facts."