German engineers make French offshore complaint

FRANCE: The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) has warned the French government against showing favoritism to French groups when selecting the winners, according to French news agency AFP.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced the tender in 2011

The Financial Times' German edition also reports that Siemens would be handicapped by not wanting to build a factory in France and that Nordex decided not to bid for similar reasons.

The French energy ministry strongly denies the accusations.

Yesterday, the French government received ten bids in response to its tender for 3GW of offshore wind.

As expected, the consortium led by EDF Energies Nouvelles submitted bids for four of the five zones in association with Alstom; GDF Suez led bids for three sites with Areva and one with Siemens; while Iberdrola led bids for two sites with Areva.

Bids will be judged on the basis of price, industrial plans, the environmental impact and the impact on other marine activities. An announcement is expected early April and plant should come on line 2015-18.

Projects MW Bidders

  • Dieppe-Le Tréport 600-750 GDF Suez-Areva
  • Fécamp 480-500 EDF-Alstom; GDF Suez-Areva
  • Courseulles-sur-Mer 420-500 EDF-Alstom; GDF Suez-Areva
  • St-Brieuc 180 EDF-Alstom; GDF Suez-Siemens; Iberdrola-Areva
  • St-Nazaire 78 EDF-Alstom; Iberdrola-Areva