15-mile transmission line announced for Block Island

UNITED STATES: A 15-mile undersea transmission line is to be built to connect a 30MW wind farm at Block Island, off Rhode Island on the US east coast.

The line will enable developer Deepwater Wind to connect the five turbine wind farm to the mainland grid at Narragansett using the town’s pier to avoid disturbing sea bed breeding grounds for local lobsters.

Deepwater’s chief administration officer Jeffrey Grybkowski said the project was complex, with a risk of endangering sensitive habitats. "It’s very, very difficult to make that landing because of the geology and the ecology," he said.

In September, the company carried out surveys off the coast of Block Island, as part of its plan to build the wind project.

The survey included mapping out the sea floor for cabling and turbine siting. Once this is complete, Deepwater said it would survey the route for onshore cables.