Argentina's largest wind farm reaches next stage

ARGENTINA: The Arauco wind farm in Argentina's La Rioja province, which already operates 12 wind turbines, is set to double its capacity to 50MW.

In recent weeks Arauco signed a contract with the government of the Argentine province of La Rioja to double the power capacity of the wind farm to 50MW.

According to Marco Zazzini of the Argentine Association of Wind Energy, this is part of a 15-year agreement.

The project is being installed and operated by Impsa.

By July 2012 Arauco will produce 50MW of wind power that will be fed into the grid. The expansion of wind power in La Rioja has been pushed by the province's governor Beder Herrera. He introduced a series of policies in 2007 that are designed to protect natural resources.

An Impsa spokesman said: "The Arauco dessert has plenty of space with excellent wind conditions. We are working with La Rioja government in order to develop more wind farms in the area."