Goldwind to build factory in Portugal

CHINA: Chinese turbine manufacturer Goldwind is to begin construction of a €500 million manufacturing plant in Portugal at the beginning of next year with the aim of producing turbines by mid-2013, according to the Portuguese press agency Lusa.

Goldwind's 1.5MW turbine is its main product


Goldwind sources said the plant, which will have the capacity to produce 800 units per year, "will be aimed principally at the export market".

Portugal was chosen for the second phase of Goldwind’s European expansion "because of excellent natural conditions for wind-power production, because of its strategic location for supplying the principal European markets and because of its ambitious and pioneering energy policy," Goldwind said.

The announcement may also be connected to the decision, due before the end of 2011, on the sale of the Portuguese government’s decisive 21% stake in EDP, Portugal’s largest electricity generator and wind-power developer. Goldwind shareholder, China Three Gorges Corporation, is one of four shortlisted bidders in the privatisation process.

In 2008, Goldwind made an initial move into Europe with the acquisition of a 70% stake in the German manufacturer Vensys.

Additonal information 2 December - due to time differences, Goldwind was unable to respond to our Windpower Monthly's request for comment.However since the article appeared Goldwind has denied it plans to open a factory in Portugal.