Eiffage and Smulders team up for French offshore bid

FRANCE: French metal construction specialist Eiffage Construction Métallique has teamed up with Dutch Smulders Group to build foundations and towers for the offshore sector in France.

Depending on the outcome of the government tender for up to 3GW, the partners plan to build two factories producing metal jacket foundations and towers. The deadline for bids is 11 January 2012.

They are looking at major ports on north west French coast, though no sites have yet been chosen, said Arnaud de Villepin, director of offshore energy for Eiffage Construction Métallique.

Eiffage has long experience building offshore oil platforms, and is involved in the construction of onshore wind power plant in France and Spain. In Spain it also develops projects and makes metal towers, but is closing its tower factory in France due to lack of demand.

Smulders is one of the leaders of offshore wind in Europe, with over ten years experience making steel monopile foundations and towers.