Iberdrola and Natural Gas Fenosa win in Extremadura tender

SPAIN: Spanish utilities Iberdrola and Gas Natural Fenosa have landed 124MW and 86MW respectively of a regional public wind-development allocation totalling 977MW in Extremadura.

Extremadura is one of only two Spanish regions without wind capacity

Extremadura is one of only two regions in mainland Spain without any wind capacity. The other is Madrid.

Iberdrola said its allocation encompasses six projects out of the 65 permits granted through the tender. Gas Natural Fenosa’s allocation comprises four projects.

The successful outcome of all new capacity allocated by any Spanish region depends on its inclusion in the national pre-allocation register, now closed until after 2012.

However, insiders are suspicious of the two utilities’ continued commitment to wind. Many cite they are the top operators of Spain’s biggest generation technology, combined cycle gas.

Wind is already pushing large amounts of gas generation offline. Sceptics therefore fear the utilities are bagging wind licenses with little intention of building the projects.