Mingyang signs 200MW offshore deal with Guangdong

CHINA: Mingyang Wind Power will provide Guangdong Yuedian Group with 3MW, 5MW and 6MW super compact drive (SCD) turbines for its pilot offshore wind farm in Zhanjiang city, in south China's Guangdong province.

Mingyang's SCD two-bladed turbine

The deal is a part of the strategic agreement Mingyang signed with Guangdong Yuedian to jointly develop offshore wind power in the province. The Guangdong Yuedian pilot offshore wind farm is based in Xinliao Island, Xuwen county, Zhanjiang city. It will have a capacity of 200MW.

In July, Mingyang signed an Engineering Project Contracting (EPC) agreement with Guangdong Yuedian to supply 16 3MW turbines to the Xuwen offshore wind farm. The first turbine will pass 250 hours durability test before the end of this year.

In May last year, Mingyang rolled a 3MW SCD semi-direct drive offshore prototype off the production line in its base in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The turbine was developed with Aerodyn. The two-blade SCD turbines are claimed to be about one-third lighter than doubly fed turbines.

Mingyang will also cooperate with Guangdong Yuedian, a leading electric power developer in Guangdong, to localize production of MW-level wind turbines in the province.