Gamesa expects 3.5GW orders for 2012

SPAIN: Gamesa has over 1GW of orders for 2012 and expects to have 3-3.5GW by this time next year.

Gamesa expects new products such as the G128 4.5MW turbine to fuel demand in 2012

The company was announcing its results for the first nine months of 2011. It said it had a 13% increase in sales and an 11% rise in earnings before interest and tax.

Gamesa also announced a 20% increase in net income to €30 million.

Orders for 2011, have reached 2.805GW and covering its forecast for the year. 94% of these orders have come from outside of Spain.

Over the period, the company saw a surge in sales in India and Latin America. Overall orders per region broke down as:

  • India 20%
  • Latin America 16%
  • Eastern Europe 13%
  • China 21%
  • United States 14%
  • Rest of the world 16%

Operations and Maintenance services contracts total 15GW with 1.4GW added during 2011.

Gamesa’s expectations for 2012 are based on new products and an expanding share of emerging markets.