DOE funds offshore research plan

UNITED STATES: The Department of Energy (DOE) is to fund a study into offshore wind and grid interconnection along all US coastal regions.

The ‘National Offshore Wind Energy Grid Study’ is being made in conjunction with ABB AWS Truepower, NREL, the University of Pittsburgh.

The ABB study will seek to outline any technical and economic questions regarding the development of offshore wind in the US.

In a statement to explain the study’s aims, ABB said it would include wind generation production profiles, regulatory issues, and provide a data to help the DOE to acheive its plans to derive 20% of its electricity from wind by 2030.

John Daniel, senior principal consultant, ABB said: "We believe that we have put together a strong team and look forward to working with our partners on this study.

"We hope we will be able to help the Department of Energy provide valuable information for the utilities, developers, legislators and regulators on the path forward to including offshore wind as part of the energy portfolio of the US."