Italian wind scheme to be revealed by end-2011

ITALY: A decree with details of a new wind energy incentive scheme should be approved by end -2011, a spokesman for Italian energy undersecretary Stefano Saglia has confirmed.

The timetable is unlikely to be affected if the governement falls

The decree, initially expected to be ready by September, will give details of a new feed-in tariff (FIT) system to be applied to new wind farms online from 2013 onwards.

Prolonged uncertainty on the incentive front has continued to complicate financing efforts for Italian wind farms.

Market participants are anxious to know details of a planned auction system through which larger wind projects will be required to compete on the FIT, indications of FIT levels for smaller projects, and details of how projects currently in Italy’s existing green certificate scheme will be shifted over to the FIT in coming years.

The spokesman said the timing of the decree’s approval would not be affected should the government fall, a development seen as increasingly likely.