Norwegian foundation barge unveiled

NORWAY: Norwegian engineering company Ingenium AS Oslo has unveiled a state-of-the-art vessel specifically designed for offshore wind foundation installation.

Barge...Ingenium AS Oslo undertaking model tests
Two versions of the installation barge are proposed, capable of installing all types of foundations including monopiles, piled jackets, jackets with suction anchors and also fully assembled wind turbines including foundations.

Catamaran shaped and open at one end, the gap between the vessels’ two pontoons provides a sheltered area for foundations to be upended by a hinged tilted frame and lowered to the seabed.

The barge is capable of a ten knot low speed, can operate in water depth of between 15 and 60 metres and can be controlled remotely.

Project manager Paal Stromstad said: "The building cost of the catamaran is estimated at around $65 million, approximately one third of the cost of the last generation of jack-up vessels.

"We are in the market for investors to build the first catamaran. The Norwegian Research Council is also supporting the development of the vessel".

Model tests are currently taking place and a building contract with a shipyard is planned at the end of the year.