Deloitte underlines contribution of Spain's wind sector

SPAIN: The Spanish wind industry contributes more money to the national economy than it takes away, according to a report published 20 October by global consultancy firm Deloitte.

The findings underline the paradox in government plans to save money by axing wind incentives and slowing new development, factors which can only damage the national economy, according to the industry.

In 2010, wind offset €1.6 billion in fossil imports and avoided €329 million in emission rights, said Deloitte. The two figures combined 2005-2010 total €9.8 billion, against €7.2 billion paid to wind power in production incentives.

Additionally, the report finds the sector made exports totalling €1.1 billion last year. It also contributed €156 million to the fiscal balance and channeled €145 million into research and development.

Over 2009 and 2010, "the inexistence of rules" to replace the current pay mechanism, which expires in 2012, caused wind’s contribution to GDP to drop 6.9% (to just under €3 billion), costing 5000 jobs, says Deloitte. New draft rules, presented in September, are nonviable, said the industry.