China plans post-2021 focus on offshore

CHINA: China is planning a major offshore development push after 2021 according to its Wind Power Development Roadmap 2050.

From 2021 to 2030, China will give equal attention to develop onshore and offshore wind power, and experiment with pilot wind projects in deep water areas.  

Until 2021, the focus will be on onshore development. Overall, China plans to have 1,000GW installed wind capacity by 2050, making up 17% of the country's electricity consumption.

The Chinese Wind Power Development Roadmap 2050 stipulates that China will have 200GW installed capacity by 2020, 400GW by 2030, and 1,000GW by 2050.

The total investment will come to CNY 12 trillion ($1.8 trillion).

China will give priority to develop onshore wind power before 2020, while experimenting with pilot offshore wind projects (offshore near the coastline).

From 2031 to 2050, China will make all-round development of onshore (in the eastern, central and western regions) and far and near offshore wind power.

Along with wind technology progress and expansion of development scales, and increase in thermal power costs, China will have equal costs in developing onshore wind power and thermal power by 2020.

The roadmap has also estimated that after 2030, China will widely apply the energy storage technology, smart grid, and other advanced electric power system technologies.