Nordex to introduce 2.5MW turbine to China

CHINA: Nordex is introducing its 2.5MW turbine range to China and other Asian regions.

A Nordex N100/2500 Gamma series turbine will soon be available in China

One N90/2.5MW turbine was installed in north China’s Zhangbei experimental wind farm in 2010. It was the largest powered turbine made by a foreign company in the country at the time. It has now passed certification tests of Chinese Academy of Electricity Sciences.

The N90/2.5MW, is designed for class-I (IEC 1) wind areas, and N100/2.5MW turbines, eyed for class-II (IEC 2) wind areas. They form part of the 2.5MW Gamma series.

Nordex plans to introduce N117/2.5MW (IEC 3) turbines to the Chinese market in 2013. A prototype of the turbine was recently installed in Germany.

Nordex China CEO Jens Olsen said: "With mature technologies, the two Nordex 2.5MW series could meet Chinese market demands, including the 18 new technical standards that China will implement on 1 November."

Olsen said: "We are preparing for localised production of the N90/2.5MW and N100/2.5MW turbines in China. The turbines will be sold to China and other parts of Asia. For this purpose, we are expanding our turbine assembly plant in Yinchuan, north-west China’s Gansu province. We will invest more in our blade plant in east China’s Dongying. We will produce the N90/2.5MW and N100/2.5MW turbines in bulk in China next year."

China recently revealed it plans to install 1000GW by 2050.