Hansen produces Sinovel 6MW gearbox

CHINA: Hansen Transmissions has delivered its first 6MW gearboxes for the Sinovel SL6000, the largest and most powerful wind turbine to be built in China.

Hansen's 6MW testing rig

Sinovel launched the first prototype of the SL6000 in May. The turbine has a 128-metre diameter rotor and can be used in both onshore and offshore sites.

The new gearbox has a number of ocean-specific features including an adapted lubrication, increased safety on structural components, special bearing technologies and a more powerful cooling system.

"The new gearbox is especially suited for offshore use, and was designed and engineered by Hansen Transmissions in close cooperation with Sinovel, for the SL6000 wind turbine," said Hansen CEO Alex De Ryck.

Speaking about the SL6000 in May, Sinovel vice-president Tao Gang said: "With 5MW and 6MW turbines, we will exert greater efforts to tap the overseas market and have overseas business account for a considerably large proportion of our business."