WindMade reveals certification criteria

WORLDWIDE: Companies and organisations who sign up to the WindMade standard will have to source at least 25% of their electricity consumption through wind energy, it was revealed today.

The standard was launched in January by the Global Wind Energy Council, Vestas, Lego, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the UN Global Compact and WWF.

Companies who are certified as WindMade will be able to use the Fair Trade style logo to promote their investment in wind power to consumers.

Details of what companies need to do to achieve certification were launched this morning. Companies can procure their share of wind energy in three ways:

  • Through a company-owned wind power generation facility.
  • A long-term Power Purchase Agreement for wind power, or
  • The purchase of high quality Renewable Energy Certificates approved by WindMade.

The exact percentage of the wind energy share will be stated on the label.

Several global consumer goods companies are signing up, according to a spokeswoman for WindMade.

The identity of these companies will be announced in November.

WindMade is also establishing a standard for products which will be revealed in early 2012.

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