Vestas acquires radar specialist OCAS

DENMARK: Vestas is set to acquire the technology assets from Norwegian radar specialist OCAS.

The OCAS system only switches on its warning lights when an aircraft has been detected

The deal, which is still subject to final approval, will see Vestas take control of the rights to OCAS’s system to prevent aerial collisions.

The system is approved by aviation authorities in countries including Sweden, the US, Norway and Canada. It has been installed in over 60 locations.

It avoids the use of lights to avoid aerial collisions with wind turbines by detecting approaching aircraft. It then activates warning lights and transmits a message over the VHF frequency.

Once the deal is complete, OCAS will become part of Vestas’ R&D division.

The OCAS system claims to be the only obstacle-marking system approved by the International Dark Sky Association.