Gamesa launches new 2-4.5MW turbines

SPAIN: Gamesa has made three additions to its medium-low wind speed range of wind turbines.

The new additions will be a G97 2MW and G128 4.5MW turbine for class IIa medium wind speeds. The third will be the G136 4.5MW turbine for class III low wind speeds.

The manufacturer is launching the new products at CanWEA this week. Last year, Gamesa launched the G97 2MW for low-wind sites.

The two G97 models will be available with tower heights of 78, 90, 100 and 120 metres.

Gamesa’s new G128 and G136 products are from its G10X platform, which was launched last year. The G10X is providing the base for the upcoming G11X 5MW offshore turbine.

Recently, Gamesa announced it was launching an offshore research & development centre in Scotland.

The centre will be designing and testing the company’s G14X 6-7MW turbine.

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