Energy storage group launched with Alstom, Dong, Siemens and others

EUROPE: Some of Europe's biggest names in the electricity and wind-power industry have joined forces to push energy storage up the agenda.

The European Association for Storage of Energy (Ease) was launched this week to "help establish a coherent master plan for the introduction of energy storage worldwide".

Alstom, Dong Energy, EDF, Enel, E.on, RWE and Siemens are among Ease’s 13 founding members. 

The body will address the technological, financial and regulatory aspects of energy storage to advocate that its use would help deliver a low-carbon, safe and sustainable-energy infrastructure in a market with large amounts of energy from renewable sources.

Paul Wilczek, an advisor on grids and internal markets at the European Wind Energy Association said: "Energy storage is very important to balance renewables. We don’t see storage as being in competition with better grids. However, we see it as a later piece of the mosaic for a better energy system."

Wilczek pointed out that, apart from pumped hydropower, storage technology is not economically viable at the moment.

An EU energy-storage task force comprising 36 energy stakeholders from 11 countries found in early 2010 that further work was needed to move energy storage forward and recommended the creation of an industry body to advance its cause.