Iberdrola drops floating turbines from 400MW project

GERMANY: Iberdrola has submitted plans to the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency for a 400MW project off the Baltic coast.

Iberdrola has ditched plans to build floating turbines on the Wikinger project. Instead, Iberdrola’s submission will be for fixed foundations.

Previously, before Iberdrola acquired the project from Ventotec in 2010, the wind farm had received planning consent for floating turbines.

There was speculation Iberdrola might proceed with the floating concept. Iberdrola currently heads a Spanish R&D consortium called Emerge, aimed at starting up Spain's first floating turbine.

Speaking to Windpower Monthly last year, Iberdrola said: "We are analysing the different existing foundation technologies in order to choose the most appropriate one for the site, in terms of both technical and economic viability."

The project is located 35km from the north-east coast of Germany.

Speaking about the project, Iberdrola head of offshore Keith Anderson said: "This is an important step forward for the Wikinger project and a significant development in Iberdrola’s global offshore wind-power ambitions. At 400MW the proposed wind farm is a major project that would make a considerable contribution towards reducing carbon emissions in Germany.

"We are now developing offshore wind projects in the UK, Germany and France, with a pipeline of around 10,000MW. Work will continue on the Wikinger project as we prepare to take it forward through the next stages of the planning process."

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