China's Sany Electric completes first US wind project

UNITED STATES: The first US wind project to be built by Chinese turbine manufacturer Sany Electric is now fully operating.

The Ralls project uses Sany Electric wind turbines

The 10MW pilot project, consisting of five 2MW turbines in the windy Texas Panhandle. It is located near Ralls, a village near Lubbock.  

The power is being sold to the utility Xcel.

The project uses the companies SE8720IIIE turbines, with Chinese partner AVIC International. The development was bought from American Seawind, a local developer.

News of the self-funded project first emerged in December 2010. 

Sany has a development pipeline in the Texas Panhandle—in the north of the state--and in Central America. But it has no firm plans as yet to build a second US wind project, according to project development advisor Stacy Rowles.

Fellow Chinese manufacturers Goldwind and Guodian have recently built or are developing US projects in an to forge a track record in the country's market.

In March, Guodian United Power signed a deal to supply six 1.5MW turbines to a small ‘distributed power’ project in Corpus Christi in south Texas.

Last year, Goldwind completed a 4.5MW pilot project in Pipestone, Minnesota - its first US project.