Suzlon to utilise Repower technology on takeover completion

INDIA: Suzlon is planning to adopt Repower's technology when it acquires 100% control of the German manufacturer, according to the Indian firm's president of technology John O'Halloran.

Although Suzlon Group has owned 92% of Repower since 2009, German law prohibits Suzlon from accessing the latter's technological secrets until it completely owns the company.

In April Suzlon announced it had acquired over 95% of Repower, which allows it to begin 'squeeze-out proceedings' to own the remaining shares.

Speaking to Windpower Monthly, O'Halloran said the two companies were already collaborating in a number of areas. However, once the squeeze-out was complete this process would be accelerated.

He said: "We've certain limitations until we own 100%. We're looking forward to the squeeze out so we can then work on developments. There are lots of areas across the board that we want to collaborate on in detail." This could include "aerodynamics, and electronics."

However, Suzlon will not be touching Repower's offshore expertise. O'Halloran said there were no plans for Suzlon to develop an offshore wind turbine. Instead the company planned to continue developing its onshore products.

O'Halloran said Suzlon was currently developing large capacity turbines but was unable to give further details. At the moment, its biggest product is the 2.1MW S9X.

The manufacturer launched the S9X range in April. Halloran said it was an evolution of its S88 2.1MW turbine. The new range consists of the S95 and the S97, which are designed to work in class 2 or class 3 wind conditions respectively.