Offshore wind is too expensive, says UK government body

UK: The UK government needs to limit its offshore wind plans as they are too expensive, according to a UK government advisory body.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) report into the UK’s renewable energy future was commissioned in May last year when the coalition government was formed between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.

The COC said renewables should provide between 30-to-45 percent of the UK’s energy by 2030.

However, the COC said offshore wind energy is currently too expensive. It said the UK should moderate its wind energy plans in favour of more nuclear power stations.

Wind energy could replace nuclear as the cheapest form of low carbon electricity in the next 15 to 20 years.

The UK is planning to build 33GW in offshore wind projects online.

CCC chief executive, David Kennedy said: "People argue that offshore wind is very expensive - and it's true, it is more expensive at the moment than some other technologies, so nuclear at the moment looks like the lowest cost low-carbon option.

"But we can expect significant cost reductions over the next two decades across a range of technologies, whether wind, marine or solar, and that's why these technologies are promising."

The COC executive summary