Google looks outside the US for wind investments

WORLDWIDE: Google has said it is searching the world for wind energy projects as part of its green investment strategy.

The comments were made by Google green business operations director Rick Needham. Speaking to Windpower Monthly, he said that although the company has only purchased wind projects in the US, it has widened its search beyond North America.

Needham said: "We are looking worldwide; it just happens that the first two investments we made were in the US. We'd be encouraged to make investments in other markets as well and we're looking. We like to make investments in places where Google has operations but that's not a critical thing."

Recently, the new media company announced it was buying 100MW from a NextEra project that was under construction in Oklahoma.

This month it also became a part-owner in the upcoming 845MW Shepherds Flat wind project in Oregon.

Google became a wind project owner last year when it acquired two developments in North Dakota with a combined capacity of 169.5MW.

On April 7, Google announced it was investing $5 million into one of Germany's largest solar plants.

For more on Google's wind energy strategy see the upcoming May Issue of Windpower Monthly.