Blades fall off Suzlon turbines at US plant

UNITED STATES: Iberdrola stopped production at its 150MW wind farm at Rugby, North Dakota after the blades fell off one of the project's Suzlon S88 2.1MW turbines.

The S88 2.1MW is Suzlon's largest turbine

No one was hurt in the incident which occurred on March 14. The S88 is Suzlon’s largest wind turbine.

Both Suzlon and Iberdrola are investigating the issue. According to Suzlon the Rugby project is now back online.

In a statement Suzlon said: "On Monday, March 14, 2011, a rotor incident occurred at the Rugby wind farm in Rugby, North Dakota. No one was injured. Suzlon took prudent and precautionary measures to check the rest of the wind power plant and, with the full support of Iberdrola Renewables, the Rugby wind farm has returned to operation.

"We will continue a thorough investigation to determine the cause of this incident. This is an isolated incident and Suzlon has complete confidence in the safe operation of our fleet of 7,600 wind turbines worldwide."

This is not the first time there have been problems with S88 blades. In October 2008, a blade broke off one of four 2.1 MW turbines at the 8.4 MW AgriWind project, in Illinois. However, the component was scheduled for replacement at the time.