Sinovel to develop 10MW wind turbine

CHINA: China's largest wind turbine manufacturer Sinovel has said it has begun development of a 10MW turbine.

The 5MW SL5000. Sinovel has pursued the development of large-capacity turbines

The announcement was made by Sinovel managing director Tao Gang, who also announced the company’s 6MW turbine would be formerly launched in June.

In taking the decision to develop a 10MW turbine, Sinovel has joined the manufacturers such Clipper Windpower and Sway Turbine who are developing 10MW+ offshore turbines. Gamesa is also leading the Azimut project to build a 15MW product.

Gang did not reveal any details about the turbine.

In October, Sinovel launched China's first independently developed 5MW double-feed turbine. The variable speed product is designed for onshore, offshore and inter-tidal wind farms.

However, there have been critics of Sinovel’s strategy to create large-capacity turbines. Late last year, Li Junfeng deputy director of the NRDC's energy research institute said Chinese manufacturers should concentrate on perfecting products in the 1.5MW-to-2MW range.