Sany set to bring first US project online

UNITED STATES: Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Sany Electric is developing a 10MW pilot project in Texas.

Sany's 2MW wind turbine will be used in the Texas project

The development is among the first on US soil to use Chinese-made turbines. It will use five of Sany’s 2MW machines.

The first US multi-MW project to use Chinese turbines is the 'Uilk' wind farm project at Pipestone Town, Minnesota, which came online in February. It uses 1.5MW direct drive turbines.

According to Sany spokesman Jason Yang, the manufacturer’s wind farm has just been completed and will generate commercial power in late May. Yang was speaking at last week’s US-China Wind Summit 2010 in San Francisco.

The project was developed as a joint venture with Chinese investors. "There is too much of a lack of understanding and trust [for us] to joint venture with a US company," Yang told the conference. "There is a lack of trust both ways."

Sany has a development pipeline in the Texas Panhandle—in the windy north of the state--and in Central America, said Yang.

The company produces 1.5MW and 2MW wind turbines. It is also developing 3MW and 5MW models. 

With $8 billion in revenues, Sany is the largest heavy equipment manufacturer in China. It has offices in more than 100 locations globally including a US head office near Atlanta, Georgia.