GE wins 400MW Brazil order

BRAZIL: GE has signed deals with four developers to supply 400MW for a series of Brazilian projects.

GE's 1.5MW turbine will be supplied as part of the deal

The developments are all derived from Brazil’s recent tender for 70 wind projects with a total capacity of 2.05GW.

GE’s four customers are Renova Energia, Dobreve Energia, Contour Global and Bioenergy. The companies have purchased 258 of GE’s 1.5MW and 1.8MW turbines, which will all be going to projects in the northern states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte.

This  breakdown is:

  • Renova – 163MW with 102 units
  • DESA – 60MW with 38 units
  • Contour Global – 150MW with 100 units
  • Bioenergy – 28.8MW with 18 units

Last month, GE announced plans to develop a $100 million research centre focusing on developing new technology for a number of energy sectors including wind.