GE plans wind R&D facility in Brazil

BRAZIL: GE has announced plans to develop a $100 million research centre focusing on new technology for a number of energy sectors including wind.

The Brazil Global Research Centre will be located on the Ilha do Bom Jesus peninsula and will eventually employ 200 people.

GE is also planning to use a slice of a $200 million Brazilian investment fund to design new wind products.  

In addition to wind, the facility will be developing products for renewables, oil and gas, mining and the rail and aviation industries.

The 140,000 sq ft facility will include a GE Global Learning facility. Following finalization of negotiations and architectural design work.

Construction should begin in mid 2011 and is targeted for completion in late 2012.

Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, president and CEO of GE International said: "Brazil offers GE some of the most sophisticated and aggressive customers in the world. The Brazil Global Research Centre will be a hub for deepening relationships that will result in growth for GE, its customers and the country."