ENEOP to complete 1.2GW installations by 2012

PORTUGAL: Portuguese wind energy producer ENEOP has said it will complete the installation of 1.2GW of wind power in Portugal by late 2012, one year ahead of schedule.

"We're making a quicker progress than originally planned. Already, we have 400 MW and more than 15 wind parks connected to the network and running.

"We are forecasting a further 100 MW (under construction and finalization) and thinking of installing another €150 million in 2011," said ENEOP chief executive Anibal Fernandes.

With this development, ENEOP will have an installed capacity of 1200 MW, distributed in 48 wind parks, at the end of 2012 for a total investment of €1.7 billion.

As part of the largest wind project in Portugal, ENEOP has also installed seven new wind turbine factories and expanded another 12.