Republican group runs anti-China election ads

UNITED STATES: A Republican Party group has launched a series of political advertisements around the upcoming mid-term congressional elections, accusing the Democrats of using stimulus cash to boost renewable energy jobs in China.

The ad campaign claims US stimulus cash will boost the Chinese renewables sector

In one example, a Democrat incumbent, Baron Hill of Indiana, is slammed for supporting President Obama's "failed $800 billion stimulus package that created renewable energy jobs in China".

The slick cartoon ad - and set to generic Chinese-style music – closes with upraised fists reminiscent of post-war communist propaganda films.

Referring to Hill's support for the stimulus programme, the ad questions whether he is "running for Indiana or China?"

It goes on to state: "His big spending plans will force us to borrow money from, yes you guessed it, China. So, Hill's creating massive debt here while creating renewable energy jobs over there."


Another, also created by the National Republican Congressional Committee, slams Congressman Martin Heinrich for supporting Obama's stimulus plan, which the ad says sent $1 billion overseas, some to China "where Chinese workers were paid to build wind turbines."

As Liz Salerno, of the American Wind Energy Association, told Time magazine: "These ads are completely at odds with reality. This myth about jobs has just been snowballing. It couldn't be more opposite to the facts."

The ads play upon the high-profile controversy that stimulus funds may go to a single 600-MW joint venture in Texas by Chinese turbine maker A-Power Energy Generation Systems, developer Cielo Wind Power, managing partner US Renewable Energy Group and a consortium of Chinese equity players Shenyang Power Group.