Gamesa wins 251MW China orders

CHINA: Gamesa has signed deals with Guangdong Nuclear Wind, Datang Renewable Power and Henan Weite Wind Power for a combined order of 251MW.

The contracts follow recent moves by Gamesa to strengthen its position in the Chinese market. Last month it announced that it was planning to triple its investment in the country to €130million.

It also comes a month after Gamesa won separate deals with Guangdong and Datang for a combined capacity of 1.3GW

The new contracts involve the sale of 197 turbines. The details are:

  • Henan Weite. Purchasing 124 G58-850KW turbines with a capacity of 105MW. The project is being funded via a loan from the European Investment Bank.
  • Guangdong. Purchasing 48 G90-2MW turbines with a capacity of 96MW.
  • Datang. Purchasing 25 G90-2MW turbines with a capacity of 50MW. These will be delivered to projects in Liaoning province.

It has been a busy period for Gamesa. Last week the company launched its three-year business plan. In it the company said it would be focusing on China alongside other developing markets.

Gamesa also said it will reduce its clients' 'Cost of Energy' by 20% and 30% over the next three years and five years respectively, as part of the plan for 2011-to-2013.

The company also announced it is to spend €150million on developing its offshore capacity. It is designing two new offshore turbines, the G11X-5MW and the G14X-6/7MW.

A prototype of the G11X will be available in Q4 2012 and enter mass production in 2013. The G14X will go into production in 2014.

Last week, Gamesa signed a development deal with shipbuilder Northrup Grumman to test the G11X in the US.