Vestas launches Chinese R&D centre

CHINA: Vestas has launched a research and development centre in Beijing, the first overseas wind manufacturer to open such a facility in China.

From the left: Cao Jian Lin, minister of Sience and Technology, Friis Arne Petersen, Danish ambassador, Jens Tommerup, president, Vestas China and Finn Strøm Madsen, president, Vestas Technology R&D

Vestas said it plans to invest $50million in the centre over the next five years and employ over 200 engineers by 2012. The areas it will focus on will include high voltage engineering, aerodynamics, material development and software design.

Vestas China president Jens Tommerup said the R&D centre formed part of China’s aim to strengthen its ability to innovate and design new wind products.    

Speaking about the launch, science and technology minister Cao Jianlin said: "Vestas’ Technology R&D Centre China brings in the world’s leading technology as well as focusing on fostering local talents. I believe this brings along many opportunities and achievements in China’s transformation from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Invented in China’."

Tommerup added: "Vestas China Technology R&D Centre represents our intention to bring the best of our knowledge to China and is a major step in Vestas’ continuous commitment to its development. It is our intent to use this Technology Centre as a platform for future partnerships in China and internationally."