Gamesa signs development deal for 5MW offshore turbine

UNITED STATES: Gamesa has signed a deal with Northrup Grumman Shipbuilding to jointly develop and install the Spanish manufacturer's upcoming 5MW offshore turbine by Q4 2012.

Gamesa's G10X 4.5MW turbine will provide the platform for the company's 5MW offshore turbine

The agreement between the two centres around the launch of the G11X 5MW in US waters. Gamesa said the turbine, which is based on the G10X 4.5MW platform, is currently being tested.

The deal between the two companies follows the failure of talks in July for Gamesa to buy a minority stake in offshore specialist Bard. Shortly afterward the collapse, Gamesa announced that it would develop its own offshore turbine.

Northrup Grumman and Gamesa said they are launching a centre in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia next month. A team of around 40 will instigate preliminary work to install the turbine. This will include site selection and permitting.

Gamesa said it chose Northrup Grumman because of its experience in heavy load logistics in marine environments. The company is the largest shipbuilder in the US and counts the US Navy among its customers.

Speaking about the deal, Dirk Matthys, CEO of Gamesa in the US said: "Gamesa has said before that it intends to play a significant role in the offshore market to ensure that it can tap the demand generated in the Northern European market, specifically the United Kingdom, starting in 2015, as well in the United States.

"Our alliance with Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding will give us the opportunity to test our technology on a short-term horizon, as well as to enhance and strengthen it, thanks to the skills and experience offered by a global leader in naval structures."