UK wind power generation reaches new high

UK: British energy network operator National Grid announced the country's wind farms had supplied 5% of the country's electricity, a record amount.

Scotland's wind farms, such as Whitelee, made the largest contribution

According to National Grid, 1.88MW, around 4.7% of the total, was generated from wind energy at around 19.30. The overall figure of 5% was created during the course of the day, with a large proportion of it coming from Scotland.

Gas-fired power stations produce the largest proportion of the UK’s energy at around 50%; this is followed by coal and nuclear with 32% and 15% respectively. On average wind supplies around 2.2%.

In a statement on the figures, National Grid said: "National Grid believes that if embedded wind generation is taken into account, about 10% of Britain’s power was generated by wind."