Windpower Monthly launches tracking service

Windpower Monthly has launched the Windpower Intelligence Tracker, an online information tool which allows you to track news and events for 2,500 pipeline wind farms around the world and 4,000 companies active in the sector.

The system is designed to allow organisations and professionals within the wind industry to set up live updates on specific areas of interest. 

Central to the service is a database following the progress of 2,500 pipeline wind projects through the various stages of development including planning, power purchase and completion.

There is also a database of wind-related companies, including developers, investors, suppliers and operators.

Both the wind farm tracking service and the company database are linked. This allows the user to see which suppliers are working on a wind project or what projects a particular company is attached to.

Additionally Windpower Intelligence has launched its Global Markets for Wind Power 2010-20 report. This offers a detailed insight into the levels of wind penetration around the globe.

With market sizes and forecast for over 40 countries to 2020, the report also comes with a year-long series of quarterly forecasts updated to include new installations, new pipeline editions/ changes, policy announcements and new countries as they become relevant.

The report costs €995 but will be available at a reduced price of €795 until the end of September. For further information about Global Markets for Wind Power 2010-20 or the Wind Intelligence Tracker, contact