Beichen to build 148MW wind project in Inner Mongolia

CHINA: Beichen Power Grid has secured a US$3 million contract to build a 148.3MW wind project in Inner Mongolia.

Tough environment: China's Inner Mongolia region

Beichen Power Grid, a Galaxy Semi-Conductor subsidiary, will build the Hexigten Qi Langcheng Ruifeng Electric Development between 10 August to 31 December this year.

The main construction works include turbine foundations, development of transmission and transformation circuit and works related to electricity distribution.

The wind farm will occupy 51 square kilometres.

The total installed capacity of wind power in Inner Mongolia is between 7GW and 8GW. Approximately 20% of the electricity in the region is generated from wind energy.

Inner Mongolia is one of the boom areas in terms of Chinese wind development. However, the growth of new wind farms is also being stymied by grid capacity problems.

Much of the grid capacity is occupied by other energy types, which has led to wind farms being built but then marooned, unconnected and starved of space on the network.

In addition to being wind-rich, Inner Mongolia is one of world’s most inhospitable regions. Any turbines developed there need to be able to withstand temperatures reaching -23c during winter.

Recently, Vestas has been handed a contract by China Datang Renewable Power to supply 50MW for a new wind farm in the region. The project is expected to come online in the third quarter.