Shanghai Electric produces first 3.6MW turbine

CHINA: Shanghai Electric has produced a 3.6MW offshore wind turbine off the production line at its Lingang plant on the eastern tip of Shanghai.

Shangai Electric 3.6 offshore turbine in production

Shanghai Electric independently developed the 3.6MW doubly-fed pitch-controlled asynchronous turbine, which is both one of biggest and most advanced to be made in China.

The 3.6MW project was initiated in July 2008. The first sample is expected to be installed at the Lingang pilot wind farm and connected to power grid for experiment in August. A second 3.6MW turbine will be produced at the end of the year. The company is developing 5MW turbines.

Each blade has a 116metre-diameter while the hub of the wheel is 90 meters high. Shanghai Electric has full intellectual properties and patents on the turbine.

The success in producing the 3.6MW turbine is timely. China’s National Energy Bureau is introducing the country’s first public tender for offshore wind farms.

"The successful development of the offshore wind turbine shows that China has mastered core technologies to design large-size wind turbines. It has filled a blank in China’s independent design of large offshore wind turbines," said Xu Jianguo, board chairman of Shanghai Electric.

Shanghai Electric has given priority to developing offshore wind power. In the course of developing large-size offshore wind turbines, the company has invested in an offshore turbine manufacturing base to produce 3.6-5MW turbines in Dongtai, east China’s Jiangsu Province.

The Lingang base, with 40,000 square meters floor space, is able to produce 1,500 turbines a year. It also has a testing wind farm, the only one among China’s leading turbine producers.  

Shanghai Electric is the 11th largest turbine producer in China, with 274MW turbines installed in 2009, to take up 2 percent of the Chinese market share.

In the course of developing land-based and offshore wind turbines, Shanghai Electric has followed the technological roadmap of first producing with foreign licenses and then to cooperating with foreign partners to design turbines. The 3.6MW is one of the first designs it has developed independently.   

In 2006, Shanghai Electric introduced 1.25MW turbine technology from Germany’s DeWind. It went into industrialized production the second year on the basis of absorbing the technology.

A year later, it signed an agreement with Aerodyn from Germany to jointly develop 2MW turbines for China’s typhoon-frequented areas and low wind speed areas. The cooperation laid a solid foundation for Shanghai Electric to independently develop 3.6MW turbines.

In 2009, Shanghai Electric installed a 2MW offshore wind turbine in a tidal area in Xiangshui, Jiangsu Province. The site is 3.5km to the bank and 4.5 meters deep on average. This was the first wind turbine installed in the sea area of Jiangsu Province.

Soon afterwards, Shanghai Electric installed two 2MW turbines in the tidal area of Rudong, Jiangsu Province. They have been connected to local power grid. These operations have accumulated rich experiences for the company to develop offshore wind farms.