Anti-Cape Wind alliance appeals FAA verdict

US: The Cape Wind saga has taken a further twist as a pressure group has appeal against no-hazard ruling by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the controversial offshore wind farm.

Cape Wind's meterological tower, currently the only element of the project to be installed

The FAA passed the ruling in May for the proposed 130-turbine project in Nantucket Sound. But there were a number of financial provisos involving Cape Wind funding updates to radar technology in the area.

This involved $1.5 million for a radar modification. In addition, the FAA also required Cape Wind to put $15 million aside for two years to pay for a digital radar system if this fails.

Now the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound is appealing the initial ruling. The group says alterations to flight paths to accommodate Cape Wind will cause cause safety and environmental issues near Nantucket Sound.

In a statement the group said this included "volume of aeronautical operations to change their regular course and/or altitude; changes to existing visual flight rule and instrument flight rule operations; limitations to the capacity and efficiency of Barnstable Municipal Airport and other airports near the Cape Wind project; and interference with the operation of existing FAA radar facilities."

In response Cape Wind said the FAA had studied the project for nine years and it was confident the ruling would stand.