Horns Rev I offshore wind farm is shut down

DENMARK: Horns Rev I, the 160MW offshore wind farm jointly owned by Vattenfall and Dong Energy, has been shut down following a fault in its transformer station.

The 160MW Horns Rev 1 wind farm has been shut down following a substation fault

According to Vattenfall, which owns 60% of the North Sea wind farm, the problem was caused by an earth failure on the 34KV main bushbar. Investigations into what caused this are still ongoing.

A bushbar system refers to conductors that take the form of a bar or bars of copper conductor.

Vattenfall said the replacement parts were already being sourced and it hoped the part of the wind farm could be running again in the coming days.

The company did not know when it would be fully operational. Horns Rev I was built in 2002.

The shutdown is the latest issue to hit the Horns Rev 1, which has been one of a number of offshore wind farms to be affected by a design flaw in the foundation that causes the turbine towers to slip.