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Three wind farms successful in Victoria's first tender

AUSTRALIA: Three wind farms with a combined capacity of more than 600MW have secured power off-take deals in Victoria's first renewable energy auction.

Nordex spread its wings with N149 prototype

GERMANY: Nordex is leading the way on large onshore turbines with super-sized rotor diameters, following the installation in late August of the first of two N149/4.5MW prototypes. Eize de Vries watched the installation and finds out the manufacturer's plans for the Delta4000 platform.

Windtech: Turbine makers expand production in India

INDIA: The 2MW-plus class dominates current installations in Asia's second largest market, but as in other low-wind regions, the trends is towards higher ratings and bigger turbines. Eize de Vries visits Vestas' and Nordex's nacelle assembly plants.

Nordex starts tower production in Brazil

BRAZIL: Nordex has opened a plant in the northern state of Piaui to build concrete towers for the 65 turbines it is supplying for the 195MW Lagoa do Barro complex.

Enel expands Facebook power deal

UNITED STATES: Enel has secured a larger power-offtake deal with social media giant Facebook at its 320MW Rattlesnake Creek project in Nebraska, US, with software provider Adobe, also signing on.

Tasmania site in frequency control test

AUSTRALIA: A wind project in northwest Tasmania will be the guinea pig in a programme examining how wind projects can provide frequency control services (FCAS).

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