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Most turbine models fail to make a profit

Turbine manufacturers are "still not as profitable as they need to be to survive" as the cost of developing new turbines is not being recovered by sales, a new report has warned.

Nordex wins 4.75GW of orders in 2018

Nordex recorded a 73% year-on-year increase in orders in 2018 as we chart the German company's growth since 2014.

Blade O&M research project launched

Optimising blade maintenance and a reduction of the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) will be the core focus of a new research programme launched by two universities and host of companies from across the supply chain.

AEE welcomes new Spanish energy minister

SPAIN: With a change of government in Spain in early June, the new left-leaning government has appointed Teresa Ribera Rodriguez as its energy and environment minister.

'No constraint for up to 15GW,' Indian manufacturers claim

INDIA: With current installations at 37GW, India's targets of 60GW by 2022 is starting to look more achievable. The industry is hoping to see the market reaching 8-10GW annually in the next couple of years.

Higher wind resources cushion effect of lower power prices

WORLDWIDE: Generation from new wind projects contributed to higher earnings for developers in the first quarter of 2018, even as power prices fell in some markets.

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