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Nordex adds 163-metre rotor to 5MW platform

The German turbine maker, first to market in the supersize onshore class, has taken another jump forward with a 163-metre rotor for its Delta 5.X range.

Clash of the titans -- top 5 biggest onshore turbines

Nameplate capacities of more than 5MW; rotor blades pushing beyond the 80-metre mark; towers exceeding 160 metres for tip heights of 250 metres-plus. A new generation of giant onshore turbines is rapidly coming to market, with five of the world's top OEMs leading the charge.

Wind included in Queensland auction shortlist

Five wind projects, some with storage, have been included in a shortlist of ten projects in Queensland's reverse auction seeking 400MW of clean generation capacity in a bid to reach 50% renewables by 2030.

Enel green-lights 700MW South Africa sites

SOUTH AFRICA: Enel Green Power has arranged €950 million in financing for five new wind projects in South Africa with a total of 700MW.

Former employees sue blade maker for 'severe injuries'

UNITED STATES: Six former workers say being exposed to chemicals at TPI Composites' Iowa plant made them ill -- and they were fired for it. The company denies the claims.

How auctions pushed down prices in Latin America

Latin America has undergone a renewable-energy revolution over the past few years, doubling its installed capacity between 2007 and 2016. However, if we look just at wind and solar, capacity has actually increased 28-fold over that period.

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