The Fiscal Responsibility Act will go to President Biden for his signature before Monday's deadline (Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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US debt ceiling bill with streamlined permitting to receive Biden’s signature by Monday deadline

Energy permitting will be streamlined in the debt ceiling bill passed by both chambers of the US Congress, enabling a boost to wind development.

Underinvestment in transmission lines linking north and south have forced project owners to give power away for free (Image credit: Getty Images)

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Analysis: Chile’s renewables boom becomes ‘perfect nightmare’ as firms face financial ruin

After a golden decade, Chile’s renewable industry boom is facing a reckoning and some of its biggest players are in financial difficulty, while dozens more could leave the sector amid disagreement over how to solve the crisis.


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PODCAST Episode 13: Is the cyber-attack
threat for the wind industry growing?

As the wind industry increasingly relies on remote systems to control its systems, the so-called ‘attack surface’ grows with it and everyone from organised hacking groups to state-sponsored actors will do their best to exploit vulnerabilities.





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