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2016 suppliers:

Envision Energy is a leading smart wind turbine manufacturer and energy technology service provider. We help energy companies create advantage using Smart Wind Farm Management Systems by harnessing advances in cloud computing, big data and machine learning to enable more intelligent asset and operations management. Envision software manages more than 20GW of renewable assets globally.

Baze Technology provides the marked leading BazeField® wind farm management system. The system has shown its scalability, performance and reliability for many clients. BazeField is vendor independent and based on latest international standards such as IEC61400-25, OPC, among others. The system is scalable from single farm to large multisite farms and with applications for monitoring, control, performance analysis, and more. This also includes flexible visualization functionality and handheld support. The fast growing list of client’s incudes more than 120 wind farms with close to 5 GW using the system for increased profitability of wind farm operations.

We work with owners, operators, manufacturers, insurers and service providers worldwide, offering turn-key solutions for drivetrain design; engineering and strategic consultancy; health management solutions and RomaxWIND drivetrain simulation software.

We have had 38 wind gearbox designs receive DNV GL Statements of Compliance (Certification) within the last four years.

6.1GW of Romax-designed wind turbine gearboxes are installed worldwide, representing an estimated 14.5 million tonnes of carbon reduction per year.  InSight software and predictive maintenance services enable 60 offshore and onshore wind farm operators to optimize operations and reduce the cost of energy. We currently monitor more than 40% of all UK offshore wind turbines.

STEAG Energy Services offers comprehensive services and forward-looking solutions for all forms of power generation. As reliable partners we develop, plan and operate energy plants worldwide. In addition to engineering services for the new construction and modernization of fossil-fueled power plants, we offer skills and expertise in the field of "renewable energies“.

BaxEnergy offers, with Energy Studio Pro, a complete software solution to monitor and analyze renewable energy power plants. Energy Studio Pro handles devices of various manufacturers and different energy sources in one application that is tailored to all your demands - from real-time monitoring to alarming, data analysis, reporting and even beyond.

PP Techniq manufactures unique intelligent Blade-Guided Access Systems used for maintenance and service of wind turbine blades. The products meet the strictest requirements with regard to personal safety and offer a safe, fast and cost-effective access to servicing of wind turbine blades, both onshore and offshore.

The Nord-Lock Group is a world leader in bolt securing systems.

Whether it’s far out to sea or high in the hills, the benefits of secure, reliable bolted connections that will not fail or require frequent re-tightening are obvious. For this reason, Nord-Lock Group bolting products are used by many of the world’s largest wind turbine manufactures, operators and maintenance companies.

Please come and speak to us about reducing your downtime and maintenance costs.

ROMO Wind is the exclusive provider of the unique iSpin system, a revolutionary approach to wind measurement.

The iSpin spinner anemometer measures the wind where it makes sense: in front of the rotor at the spinner, where the wind first hits the turbine.
Our goal is to provide you with better insights for full wind turbine performance to prevent loss of productivity and to lower turbine loads by measuring all significant wind parameters.

Higher yield- iSpin identifies and helps you to adjust previously undetected yaw misalignment increasing the productivity of your wind turbine (average to date- nearly 2% improvement).

Performance monitoring- verify the efficiency of your turbines by monitoring the power curve, accurately and precisely. iSpin detects when acute and chronic influences are impacting performance.

Lower loads- increase the life of your turbine by reducing loads. Profit from shorter downtime and lower maintenance costs by correcting yaw misalignment and adapting for turbulence and flow inclination findings.

Connected Wind Services is Europe’s leading independent service provider for wind turbines. We specialize in Service Maintenance, Service Projects and Components & Spare parts. We help wind turbine owners maximize their yield and protect their assets with our multi-brand, multi-skill approach - providing all you need from a single point of contact.

NEC Energy Solutions is a leader in advanced energy storage, developing and manufacturing smart energy storage solutions for electric grid, backup power and lead?acid replacement applications. With system integration expertise focusing on high performance, efficiency, safety and reliability, NEC Energy Solution’s products range from compact advanced industrial batteries to massive grid?scale energy storage systems.  Its turnkey GSS™ (Grid Storage Solution) products have successfully operated in commercial revenue service since 2009 and have reached over 110MW deployed on the grid worldwide, while its commercial and specialty batteries provide solutions to fit the needs of telecom, IT backup, datacenter, medical, lead?acid replacement and other industrial applications.  For more information, please visit .

Established in since 1958, Avonmore Electrical Co. ltd is proud to be recognized as one of the leading electromechanical repair facilities servicing the wind industry throughout Ireland and the UK. Certified as an ABB authorised repair facility whileutilizing the latest winding technology plus ABB product sales, Avonmore is currently the preferred service facility for some of the UK’s largest utilities and asset management companies.

With an unrivalled record in the repair and rewind of wind generators including the supply of associated parts, Avonmore has developed a “rewinds upgrade program” which extends the life and availability of the generator. All rewinds carry a 2 year warranty as standard.

Hardhearted in Denmark Viktech specialises in supplying wind technicians on temporary and permanent basis for O&M, installation, commissioning, rope access inspections, blade inspection/repair for onshore and offshore projects all over Europe and Canada. We supply single technicians to supplement the missing crew and entire teams of up to 40 technicians for large projects on and offshore. We are assisting companies to deal with their pick busy seasons, overcome skills gap, be more flexible, to increase ROI, win more projects, expand the geographic reach and to reduce operational costs for training, hiring and firing, and social costs by providing support with field technicians on temporary basis. All our 600 employees have completed all the safety? certificates and industry ?courses ?and? come on the site equipped with work clothes?, PPE?, tool?s. Viktech has at the moment 6 offices in Denmark, one in Flensburg, Germany, one in London, UK and one in Toronto, Canada. In total Viktech has around 600 external employees (field labourers) and 30 internal employees (administration). For more info please see also our brochure:

Harsh environmental conditions and long lifecycles – wind turbines (or WTGs) place high demands on electrical engineering.

Whether you require to, upgrade or install a new control system or are looking for solutions for other aspects of your turbines or wind farm, Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions that are particularly reliable for all aspects of WTGs.

The monitoring solutions can increase the availability and reliability of turbines and reduce finally, thanks to preventative servicing, the costs of energy.

Information from the monitoring systems can be used via a cloud service to analyse and predict a typical component or system failure in a turbine fleet. This enables an immediate response in the event of a malfunction and prevents consequential damage as well as long downtimes.

Based on the lightning or rotor blade monitoring systems we can show, how these solutions can return their investment within the lifetime of the turbine.

Decades of experience and specially developed products provide the foundation for high-performance solutions, ranging from lightning monitoring systems to wind farm management.
Our focus is always on maximum availability for efficient energy production.

Bladefence is a specialist for wind turbine blade condition analysis, repairs and maintenance. The company utilises advanced skylift equipment and UV-curing blade repair method in its operations. In combination, these enable operations in harsh weather conditions, cutting-edge efficiency and minimise turbine downtime. The company was certified by Germanischer Lloyd for blade repairs in 2012 as the first company in the Nordic countries. The company offers services throughout Europe.

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Showcasing your recent products & services to generate new relationships with a pre-qualified audience of offshore wind leaders.

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