Windconnect O&M Forum

Tuesday 26 April 2016
14.00 onwards

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Radisson Blu Hotel, London Stansted Airport


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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Windpower Monthly Welcome Speech

William Kendrick , Publisher, Windpower Monthly


Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

Ross McMillan , Operational Lead - Sheringham Shoal,  Statkraft


Asset Optimisation Through Evaluation Of The Move To An In-House O&M Strategy

  • Taking the leap to in-house service provision - how can you ensure maximum on-site efficiency, time and energy availability and take control of your CAPEX?
  • What processes must be put in place when preparing for this significant change and how can owner-operators collaborate to ensure a smooth transition to post-warranty O&M?
  • Defining realistic expectations of your on-site team’s capabilities in terms of technology knowledge, workforce competency and in-house team management strategies

Roland Flaig , Wind Operations - Head Of EU North, E.ON   


1-2-1 Meetings

VIP delegates meet with suppliers of their choice to investigate which solutions will assist them in meeting their cost and production targets.


Morning Break and Networking


Moving Towards A Standardised O&M Approach That Meets The Requirements Of Offshore Wind Sites

  • Ensuring that your O&M strategies are standardised across your portfolio, to streamline processes and ensure team efficiency
  • Combining both offshore and onshore internal standardisation procedures, to reduce un-necessary expenditure and enhance your ROI
  • Building on current project and portfolio experience to enhance O&M knowledge transfer, regardless of location and identify the lessons learned to ensure you maintain a commercial strategy for the future

Carmen Burgos Garcia, Offshore O&M Principal Manager, Scottish Power Renewables


1-2-1 Meetings


Networking Lunch


Separating The O From The M: Mitigating The Effect Of Long-Term Full Service Investor-OEM Agreements On An Independent O&M Market

  • Assessing the growth of financial investor owned wind farms and the challenges they face due to the lack of an in-house maintenance strategy

  • Why do many investors perceive multi-year maintenance contracts with OEMs as the least risky option and can this preference be altered to increase a viable third-party maintenance offering in the market?

  • How does the sheer complexity of innovative turbines and technology, also serve to tie ISPs up in knots? 

  • Asset transparency: How can the lock in of long-term service revenue be effectively challenged, to ensure full disclosure and allow for greater competition from O&M service providers?

Panellists Include:
Chris Smith, Generation And Asset Management Director, RES

Jordi Francesch , Head Of Asset Management, Glennmont Partners

Javier Serrano Alonso, Asset Manager , Greencoat Capital


1-2-1 Meetings


Afternoon Break and Networking


1-2-1 Meetings


Case Study: Assessing The Core Levers For Driving Down Costs By Enforcing Progressive O&M In-Sourcing

  • Real-time results: What were the pros and cons when making leaps on the challenging path towards an in-house O&M solution? 
  • Evaluating the business case for the full in-sourcing model based on the benefits of expanding your remit to owner/operator
  • Driving down costs - building on the ERG Renew experience to determine the main levers, challenges and type of cost reduction that are typical of O&M in-sourcing
Sebastiano Maurizio Suraci , General Manager O&M, ERG Renew

The Rise Of The Third Party Market: A Cost Competitive And Performance Improvement Comparison Of The Core Service Provision Models

  • ISP/In-House/OEM – How is this landscape changing and are there viable alternatives?
  • Avoiding disputes with valued providers, when assessing and implementing an updated O&M strategy
  • What progress have ISPs made to infiltrate an OEM dominant market and provide a compelling proposition to operators?
  • Providing real-time examples and field results to determine when it is best to internalise or externalise your O&M services

Panellists Include:

Francisco Galván González , Technical Director Europe, EDPR

Kevin Dodd , Technical Asset Manager, RWE

Chris Smith , Generation And Asset Management Director , RES


Chair’s Closing Remarks 


End Of WindConnect 2016