PRE-FORUM WORKSHOP: Tuesday 17 October 2017



Presentation: Maintaining A Healthy And Optimised Portfolio

    • How do you find what to optimize? Do you start with an overview, compare brands against brands or wind farms against wind farms? How do you benchmark?
    • Managing data and how to take data driven positions?
    • What is the return on investment in monitoring software?
    • Creating a global optimum of standards on health and production levels of the wind park
    • How asset management varies by company, type of portfolio, and location of farm
    • Dealing with maintenance contracts
      • How to decide on upgrades: does it enhance safety, minimize risk and remain cost effective?
      • Contract negotiations
    • Managing growth of the portfolio in a sustainable way
    • Health monitoring of structural components onshore and offshore
    • Using drones and data management for inspection reports

Working Groups: Maintaining A Healthy And Optimised Portfolio

Follow up conversations and developing ideas based on the best ways to maintain a healthy and balanced portfolio  


Presentation: Maintaining A Healthy And Optimised Portfolio

  • The benefits of using high frequency data

  • Tracking turbine damage early on

  • Logging vibrational frequencies directly in the turbine and using them for analysis

  • Making direct comparisons with turbine blueprints

  • Rotor blade misalignment:

  • How does this create additional loads on the turbines

  • Using data to adjust the pitch for optimal power output of the turbines

  • Devices for reducing aerodynamics imbalances

  • Can an increase in performance be gained from adjusting pitches on blades


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Opportunity  


CATCH THE BOX: Full Scale Fleet Monitoring

  • Combining monitored data with weather stats, vibration, scada and oil analysis

  • Connecting everything in one place and having the best overview using all analytics

  • How do you tell one set of calculations on one turbine or wind farms from another?

  • Availability computing and reporting:

  • OEM’s report on how the wind farms are performing in relation to their expected output

  • What standards are being imposed in this area?


Presentation: Remote Control Of A Wind Farm

  • Optimising the power output of a turbine by controlling the wind direction through the farms for an overall greater output

  • Load reduction and optimising performance using software upgrades from a remote location

  • Hyper monitoring and getting good visualization on the health of the assets


End Of Day Thoughts


Workshop And Day End